First National Bancorp was founded by Gregg Malarkey the current President and CEO.  The company was founded on four pillars; people, pricing, process, and product.  Our President created a culture focused on the employees.  It is Gregg’s thought that if you treat the employees right, they will in turn treat the clients right.  Pretty simple.  Next it was imperative to have state of the art technology in an ever-changing industry.  There are too many people involved in the standard mortgage process. By focusing on state of the art technology, we have been able to eliminate 70 percent of the people involved in the process saving enormous time and substantial expense.  This enormous cost savings is passed on to the consumer through the pricing of our mortgage rates.  Lastly, it is extremely important to have a full stable of products so that we can tailor the product to our client’s specific needs.

Our emphasis on people, pricing, process and product, has created a customer experience second to none in the mortgage industry. In many cases we have closed loans in 10 days or less.  We have created complete digital process from start to finish.  With First National Bancorp you can do an entire mortgage from application to closing without leaving your family room.  We have simplified the mortgage process through our state of the art technology, creating a hassle free, customer experience.

Our state of the art technology gives you the ability to apply for a mortgage on a mobile phone, a tablet or any computer with internet access.  Our hassle-free application process can be e-signed and downloaded directly onto our secured server. Upon receipt of the e-signed loan package, we will digitally order income verification, employment verification and even asset verification without the borrower having to do anything.  This process allows us to conditionally approve loans within 24 hours and in many cases the same day.  Our last step, is to collect the appraisal and any limited remaining items, and then submit for a clear to close.  Its that SIMPLE!

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